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iOrtho? Treatment Planning Software


Developed in early 2013 iOrtho??is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment planning software that allows the doctor to digitally take control of their angelalign cases. Developed over the last 6 years it is now a comprehensive treatment planning software that uses complex algorithms to predict tooth movements and treatment outcomes.

iOrtho? is completely integrated into the angelalign manufacturing and case management process allowing the doctor a full service platform to monitor their angelalign cases. Using a cloud based platform the doctor can see when their cases are shipped or when they require to make adjustments to their treatment plan.

iOrtho? allows the doctor to digitally manipulate treatment plans and also easily communicate with angelalign’s team of highly trained orthodontists, dentists and orthodontic technicians.

Advantages of iOrtho8.0

Browser based user platform-Can be accessed using all major browsers from anywhere.

iOrtho? puts the doctor in control anywhere-treatment plans can be manipulated and submitted from around the world.

Patient information is only a click away-diagnostic and information can be accessed via the online portal or via the iOrtho? App.

Treatment plan simulations can be shown to patients for them to fully realise the value of orthodontic treatment.

Download iOrtho? App

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