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Accurate, Predictable, Aesthetic

masterControl? is the result of years of research, development and experience in clear aligner treatment. Designed in conjunction with a leading plastics R&D company-
masterControl? was created specifically for the angelalign System.

The performance of masterControl? material is certified by UCLA:

masterControl? is a medical grade polymer that has the perfect characteristics for use as a clear aligner and allows excellent performance in the control of complex tooth movements and superb fracture resistance.

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    Elastic Recovery

    Compared with other clear aligner plastics masterControl’s elastic recovery is improved by 48%.This outstanding elastic recovery prevents deformation of the aligner and allows for consistent forces expression throughout the wear cycle of the aligner, providing fantastic control of complex tooth movements.

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    Resistance to Breakage

    masterControl? has a very strong molecular chain structure which provides a significant improvement in tear, wear and chemical resistance compared to other clear aligner plastics.

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    Outstanding Chemical Resistance

    masterControl was developed to be highly chemical resistant and maintains excellent mechanical properties and is resistances to discoloration even when exposed to the oral environment for extended periods of time.

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    Precise Control

    masterControl provides efficient and effective control of major tooth movements such as rotations, torque and also root translation. Under elastics strain it produces the light consistent forces required for tooth movement and maintains that force for a longer period-achieving stable and reliable tooth movement to get the desired clinical result.

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