angelalign Pro


Angelalign Pro allows Aligners to be changed weekly by the patient. Using two aligners of differing thicknesses, it allows more consistent activation of the aligner and therefore force expression.
This leads to better treatment efficiency and is more comfortable for the patient.

Advantages of angelalign Pro

Initial Aligner-Thinner

With high elasticity and greater deformation allowance, the thinner aligner is more easily adapted to teeth and so is more comfortable for the patient. Lighter forces are used to initiate tooth movement.


Second Aligner-Thicker

With higher mechanical strength and lower deformation, the thicker aligner is able to control complex tooth movements more effectively. The force levels last longer and the properties of masterControl allow the aligner to express optimum force levels for a longer and more consistent period time.



The Science of angelalign Pro


masterControl? material was developed in conjunction with a world leading polymer company and designed specifically for use with the angelalign system. It has been independently tested and certified by the University of California. LA biomaterials department.

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The masterMulti? system is used with the angelalign Pro system. The innovative masterMulti? system utilizes varying thicknesses of aligners throughout treatment and allows treatment to be more comfortable, more accurate and also more clinically situations specific. masterMulti makes treatment easier.

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angelalign Pro uses many more of angelalign‘s propriety technology to produce fantastic results.

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